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Reports - Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Obtain Coupons For Ordering Research Reports?

Approximately twice each year (usually in February and October), Report Finders sends out electronic coupons to our existing internet customers. The features associated with such coupons vary from promotion to promotion. If you're not placing an order today..but would like to be added to our email list for possible coupons & promos, please write to Include your name and a simple one line request noting that you would like to be added to our e-mailing list! Our low price and fantastic research reports speak for themselves..but seasonal coupons & promos help sweeten our service even more!

Can I Submit One Of Your Research Reports As My Own?

Not a chance!!! Any student who can seriously ask that question is not even welcome to use our site AT ALL! Those in school [and elsewhere] cannot--under any circumstances- use the words OR even the ideas of another writer without properly attributing them as a source. Ordering a research report from does not exempt anyone from this simple, commonsensical rule of academic writing. Most students use our reports for research, for information, and as examples. In many ways, utilizing our services is similar to borrowing the report of a peer who took the same course as you a year earlier and got a high mark. In such a case, you'd probably want to see that peer's report to get a feel for how your own should look. The same idea applies in this case only you have no peer who wrote a similar same report last year so you're requesting an example from our site  to get a better idea of how your own should look! Even more importantly, you can use our research reports to gather ideas from the information they provide-- so long as you properly cite those ideas in your own report. Students [and other customers] who are not willing to cite Report Finders as a source of information in their own reports may be at risk of failure or even expulsion if they do! Our site provides a wonderful resource & service but it can be just the opposite if abused.

How Can I Be Sure The Research Report I Select Will Be Useful?

Simple! Learn about it before you buy it! is SO confident in our work that we allow, invite, and encourage all of our customers to request a FREE, one page excerpt from any research report before buying it! Since our reports are merely information and thus, intangible items, Report Finders is compelled to maintain a clear, no refund policy. This never presents a problem, however, since students can read at least one page from any report before they actually pay for it. Moreover, all customers are welcome to email us with questions about any particular report in which they have an interest. Do you need to know, for example, if one of our research reports contains book or journal sources? Email us for a free copy of its bibliography! Need to see a certain report's introduction? Write to us for a one page excerpt! Whatever you want to know-- we should be able to tell you within just a few hours! Find a report today!

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