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Cooper, Michael (1997). Dead Baby Found in Trash at School 
    Prom, Police Say. The New York Times, June, PG.

Fields-Meyer, Thomas, Arias, Ron, Wang, Cynthia and    
    Eftimiades, Maria (1997). Crime: Dance

Macabre Charged with Killing her Baby at the Prom, a Teen 
    Faces an Uncertain Future. People, November, p. 147.

Hanley, Robert (1998). Couple in Baby Death Case Appear   
    Estranged in Court. The New York Times, March, PG.

Hoffman, Jan (1996). An Infant's Death, an Ancient 'Why?' 
    The New York Times, December, PG.

McCullough, Marie (1997). Profile of Mothers Who Dump Babies 
    Changing in U.S. The Dallas Morning News, December, 
    p. 45A.

Petersen, Melody (1996). Police Search Nationwide for 
   Student Accused of Murdering His Baby. The New York     
   Times, November, p. B1.

Petersen, Melody (1996). Youth Sought in Infant Death 
   Surrenders. The New York Times, November, PG.


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